Sample Essay on Renewable Energy Production in India

Renewable energy production is one of the greatest strategies that many countries have capitalized on as it is a source of revenue, creates employment and guarantees energy security. Today, energy is the prime mover of economic growth and a better strategy to maintain modern society. Many countries are into renewable energy production, but India has benefited greatly in the energy sector. It was the first country in the world to set up a ministry of non-conventional energy resources, this was early in 1980s.

The renewable energy capacity in India has reached 29.9 GW, of which 68.9 % comes from wind. Solar energy another source of renewable energy in India provides 4.59% of energy.В Wind power is the main sources of renewable energy in India. Development of wind power in India began in the 1990s. India has a great domestic policy support that has led to increased installation of wind power in the country.

India has the fifth largest installed with capacity in the world. В Wind power has offered a great solution to energy problems as India is able to generate 1.6% of the countrys power. India is also has high solar insolation and uses solar power so much. There is not electrical grid to utilize, but the country uses solar power for pumping water a great strategy for replacing diesel powered water pumps that consume about 3.5 kilowatts.

The Indian Solar Loan Programme has helped improve lives of many people. This programme as made it easy for the common people in the country to get solar home power systems and enjoy this new advancement in technology. This programme presents a great opportunity for making India global leader in solar power generation. The good news is that many tribes in the country are involved in renewable energy production.

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Government just needs to provide the opportunity and the citizens are more than willing to lend helping hands. Switching to renewable energy production has provided the much needed kick for the economy in the country. В For many consumers in the country, availability of renewable energy means saving more money.В This is simply because, renewable energy is efficient.

The China government is focused to sensitizing the importance of renewable energy over other traditional means of power generation. The government is also trying to make the opportunity for investors more appealing and attractive than costly.В To promote renewable energy production technologies in the country, the government has put in place some fiscal incentives and subsides that are extremely efficient. The latest measures proposed by the government include income tax breaks, capital subsidy and accelerated depreciation.

India is a nation in evolution and with an increasing GDP that is driving a high demand for electrical energy and transport fuels. Poverty is also rampant in area with no energy services or sources. However, the dedication and determination of the Ministry of Non-conventional Energy Sources [MNES] will make it easy to meet its renewable energy goals and decrease dependence on energy imports.В Such moves will also expand cost effective energy supply and sustain accelerated deployment of renewable energy system.

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