Sample Essay on New Product Adoption Process Model

New product adoption process model refers to a model that describes the process via which a consumer may adopt a new service or product. Whether it is products or services, consumers in the contemporary world are faced with a wide range of choices. Adoption model refers explains how consumers make a decision to choose or adopt a new product.
The new product adoption process model describes numerous stages that a consumer undergoes before adopting a product. The stages can occur before or after actual adoption.
The stages are as follows:

  • Awareness: This is the stage where most marketers of products and services spend billions of money. This is because if consumers are not aware that a product or service exists, they will never purchase it.
  • Information search or interest stage: In this stage, the consumer is already aware of the existence of the product or service. As such, they develop interest in the product and start searching for more information about it. Whether a car, soap or any other product, no consumer wants to purchase a product that they do not know anything about.
  • Trial or evaluation: This is where the consumer tests or tries the product after getting information about it. This stage poses challenges to most consumers because services are usually intangible. However, marketing managers of services have ways that they use to offer users some trial packs. On the other hand, products are pretty easier to try. They have a major usage in below the line sales promotion.

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Adoption: In this stage, actual adoption of a new product takes place. After trying the new product, the consumer decides to become frequent or regular users of the new product.

It is important to note that new product adoption process model does not apply to all people the same way. People are different when it comes to readiness in trying new products. There are people who are considered as innovators because they easily try new products. Others are early adopters and these are guided by their respect. They adopt new products carefully but early.

There are also early majority who are deliberate and they adopt new products before average persons. Others are late majority who are usually skeptical about new products. They adopt new products after they have been tried and adopted by majority in the society. The final group comprises of the laggards. They adopt a new product when it has become a tradition in the society.

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